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The memory foam supports and cradles the pressure points around your hips and shoulders for an even sleep surface.
Available in special sizes often found in RVs.

8” MF RV Mattress

10” Gel MF RV Mattress

6” Foam RV Mattress

Perfect For Your RV Where Convenience, Durability & Comfort are Key

At Serenia, we understand foam, its construction and how different types of foam react differently to pressure. We have created the perfect set of RV mattresses for preferred sleep style, and profile height.

Simply choose the mattress you need for the perfect night of uninterrupted sleep in your RV. In addition to standard mattress sizes, all of our RV Mattresses are available in special sizes, including Short Queen (60 in x 75 in), Short Full (48 in x 75 in), and RV King (72 in x 80 in).

Made to Order, Conveniently Packaged, & Delivered Direct to Your Door

Our mattresses ship free in a small box and are able to fit through your door and any other tight spaces right into your RV. A quick and simple set up means less time between you and a great night’s sleep.

10 Year Warranty

This covers all manufacturing defects for the ultimate peace of mind.

Foam Certification

Uses Environmentally innovative CertiPUR-US® certified foams.

Made in USA

Proudly made with superior quality, materials and craftsmanship.

Direct from Manufacturer

This means you get the most value for your money.